During a beautiful Saturday morning right here in Halifax, Nova Scotia (proof is by the pictures shown below), 14 members of our team decided to lock ourselves in a wonderfully, windowless computer room.

The team of 14 stayed for 5 full hours,  working on 3D sketching, rules, weldments and stress studies in solidworks. The following pictures below shows our hard working dedication. Thankfully we have order pizza to sustain our hunger during this hard work.


And now a quote by Erin of what we have done;

" Jeff was the quickest to get a frame roughed out, while Alec and Josh tried testing Percy's reactions to impact as if he was made of water. Emily borrowed the design commons kettle and made tea before we all stuffed our faces with pizza.  It was a good time ( chassis knows how to party ). 
Shaymus has outlined the patterns for the tire covers. 
We now have two " rod ends in bending" police who will be ensuring that we don't have rod ends in bending for any of our frame designs.
More policing jobs will be put in place as frame design continues. "
And that is all.
See you next time.