The Formula SAE design series hosts several international events every year testing open wheel - open cockpit style race cars. Teams are evaluated on their engineering design choices and business plans as well as their self-manufactured prototype's performance in skidpad, acceleration, autocross, endurance and efficiency events. Dalhousie FSAE aims to attend Formula Michigan every May, Formula North in Barrie in June and the University of Toronto shootout in September.

Formula SAE is an opportunity for students to expand upon what is taught in the traditional classroom setting and gain experience with an intensive design process. Creativity, innovation and perseverance are essential to overcome unexpected challenges and issues throughout the year. We strive to improve year to year and to help members become skilled, experienced engineers.

Static Events ( 325 total points):

Business ( 75 points)

The entire FSAE design series is based on the assumption that teams are producing cars for amateur racers. The team must demonstrate sound business logic in regards to the market and services provided by their 'company'. Team’s present their business plan and marketing of their prototype in a way that would attract investors.

Design (150 points)

This event evaluates the team's design choices on all aspects of the car.  Points are awarded to teams who can justify choices with engineering principles and sound analysis of data. Prior to competition, the team provides the design judges with the car specifications and an 8 page report explaining the design goals and concepts.

Cost (100 points)

The team must produce a detailed report outlined the associated costs of producing 1000 cars. FSAE online provides an online cost reporting system which standardizes and accounts for the price of raw materials and labour. Full points are awarded to the team with the lowest car cost. Additionally, the teams are provided with a “Cost Scenario” near the competition date which puts forward a problem or challenge that must be solved.

Dynamic Events ( 675 total points) :

Acceleration (100 points):

Straight acceleration on a 75m track at least 4.9m wide.

Autocross (125 points):

As a measure of maneuverability, the car is tested on a tight course with a minimum width of 3.5m. The event allows two drivers to take up to two runs each. A single run is approximately 800m long.

Endurance (275 points):

The Endurance Event tests the reliability and durability of the vehicles. The course is approximately 22km and requires a driver change at the midway point.

Efficiency (100 points)

The Efficiency event tests fuel usage during the endurance event. The points are only awarded if a team finishes the endurance event.

Skidpad (75 points)

Cars are timed while going clockwise and counterclockwise around a 3m wide track with an inner diameter of 15.25m. A single run is comprised of two turns in each direction. The event allows two drivers to complete up to two runs each.