About Formula SAE

Formula SAE is an annual design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), that takes place at nine different locations around the world. The competition originated in the USA in 1980, and requires student teams to design and build an open-wheel, formula-style race car. The culmination of the project is when the cars, built by participating universities from all over the world, compete in a number of dynamic and static events.

The competition is an excellent opportunity for university students to obtain firsthand experience in the inter disciplinary fields of project management, collaboration, critical decision making, budget management, engineering design, automotive engineering, system design & ergonomics to name a few. The project is conceived, engineered & managed entirely by students, with the aid of a faculty advisor.

The events at each series competition are judged in order to determine each car’s performance in addition to the manufacturability, cost, and sales potential through the use of both static and dynamic events cumulatively valued at a possible 1000 points out of which the participating vehicle can be scored. 

Formula Michigan

Formula Michigan is the largest and longest running SAE organized event, to be held from May 13-16th in 2015 at the Michigan International Speedway. Every year, over 100 teams from all around the world come together to compete at this spectacular event. There are only three Formula SAE competitions of this magnitude held in the United States- California, Virginia, and Michigan.

The Dal FSAE team competed in Michigan for the first time in 2010, placing 93rd out of 120 teams. The team continued to improve its standing in subsequent years, placing 77th in 2011, 58th in 2012, and 40th in 2013. Taking on more innovative designs, the team faced challenges in Michigan, placing 60th overall in 2014. Most recently, the team had significant difficulties in 2015, finishing 70th.

Dal FSAE is excited to compete at Formula Michigan in 2017! Join the discussion using #DalFSAE and #FSAEMichigan.

Formula Student UK

Formula Student is run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and is one of Europe's most established student racing events. The event is to be held at the Silverstone Circuit from July 9-12th, 2015. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers' mission is to excite and encourage young people to take interest in engineering by designing a formula style racecar. 

In 1998, two US cars and two UK cars competed at the MIRA Proving Ground at a demonstration event. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers took on management of the event in partnership with SAE. The event has taken place every year since then. In July 2007, the event was successfully moved to Silverstone. 

The Dal FSAE team competed in Formula Student for the first time in 2013, finishing midfield. The 2014 car made vast improvements on previous designs and resulted in the teams best ever ranking to date- an impressive 20th overall (out of 97 international student teams).