The chassis system is responsible for designing and building the car's frame and bodywork.  The frame connects every system and is one of the first designs that needs to be completed. By joining the chassis team you can expect to gain hands-on experience (helping weld the frame, working with composite bodywork, making tabs...) and apply theory (physics, statics, mechanics of materials...) to an iterative design process.


The suspension system works closely with the chassis team, focusing on understanding how the car's handling is affected by design choices like suspension geometry. The car's cornering abilities are extremely important in the tight autocross courses we race on. Suspension team members can expect to analyze data in Excel and Matlab, including professional tire data.

Drivetrain & Friends

The "spinnies" system is responsible for the car's drivetrain, wheels, uprights, and brakes. The team goes through iterative designs, working closely with the chassis and suspension systems. The main skills needed are CAD, an understanding of manufacturing, power management, problem solving, and a willingness to learn.


The ergonomics system takes care of the driver's comfort and safety. Team members work with the seat, belts, steering wheel, and pedals - everything the driver touches. We welcome students with different knowledge and experiences to help develop our car.


The fluids system is responsible for making our engine run. This system includes the car's intake, exhaust, fuel, oil, and cooling systems. Fluids involves a lot of hands-on work: we test our engine outside of the car on an engine dyno, so members get to design and build a lot of our own parts.


The electrical system is responsible for wiring the car and obtaining useful data from sensors on and off the car. This involves planning the car's wiring, assembling a wiring harness, and working with data acquisition software. Electrical team members will have an understanding of basic electrical concepts and knowledge of a car's sensors.


The business team's job is to promote the team by finding sponsorship, updating on social media, and creating posters & logos. Team members must constantly be up to date with their  sponsorship emails and fundraising ideas. The competition also involves an industrial engineering component, so members get to "design" a factory to mass-produce our car.