Our current and older cars. 


2016/17 Car

The 2016/17 car competed at Formula North in Barrie but unfortunately experienced engine issues. The engine is in the process of being rebuilt for the upcoming 2017/18 season. For more updates, please visit our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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2014/15 Car

The 2014-2015 car continued to develop on the results we made in 2014. The team competed in FSAE Michigan, finishing 70th overall out of 118 teams.


Weight: 284 kg (with driver)
Track width: 1100 mm (front) / 1050 mm (rear)
Wheelbase: 1560 mm
Engine: Honda CBR600RR


Design - 87th
Presentation - 66th
Cost - 80th
Acceleration - N/A
Skidpad - N/A
Autocross - 59th
Endurance - N/A
Fuel Efficiency - N/A
Overall - 70th


2013/14 Car

The 2013-2014 season made vast improvements on previous designs, and resulted in the team’s best ever rankings yet – an impressive 20th overall (out of 97 participating international student teams) at Formula Student UK held at the Silverstone Race Circuit in Towcester, England.


Layout – Open-Wheeled, Formula Style
Total Weight – 210 kg
Dimensions – 3095 mm long, 1320 mm wide, 963 mm MRH height
Acceleration – 4.5 seconds (0 – 100 km/h) 
Top Speed – 140 km/h


Design- 38th
Presentation- 14th
Cost- 48th
Acceleration- 53rd
Skidpad- 68th
Autocross- 71st
Endurance- N/A
Fuel Efficiency- N/A
Overall- 60th


Design- 21st
Presentation- 21st
Cost- 31st
Acceleration- 27th
Skidpad- 32nd
Autocross- 43rd
Endurance- 16th
Fuel Efficiency- 17th
Overall- 20th